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Available now - Irish Archive Volume 8 - Tara to Clara

 This DVD is yet another delve into the recordings made by Irish railway enthusiasts.

This time it covers the period 1987 to 2012.

With most Irish passenger trains now in the hands of railcars, we thought it would be the right time to savour an era when the locomotive was king.

 There is a major feature on the Tara Mines Trains, Ireland’s only remaining mineral traffic carried by rail. We also see, coverage of our exploits recording trains in the twilight “The Starburst Years”, views of Cement Traffic, now lost to rail. The IE Relaying Trains using Donelli system are put under the microscope, both in detail in their latest version and back in 1987 when we found an earlier version in operation on the Cork Main Line. We also pay a visit to Attymon and Dunsandle in County Galway, where the latter now hosts a small collection of railway exhibits, and finally we look in at Clara, where freight and passenger trains still pound past the single platform.

This video features coverage of the following locations - Alexandra Road Tramway in Dublin, Attymon, Beauparc, Birdhill, Buttevant, Cherryville Junction, Clara, Drogheda, Duleek, Dundrum, Dunsandle, East Wall Junction, Howth Junction, Kilsheelan, Limerick Junction, Navan, Port Laoise, Rush and Lusk, Sallins and Naas, and Tara Mines.


 This DVD is made in Widescreen (16 x 9 or 14 x 9) format.


Running time about 69 minutes approx. Price £16.95. Available now.


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