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Problems playing tapes or DVDs?

Tapes - tracking could be a problem. Try ejecting the tape about 30 seconds after the start and reinserting it. If you tape player has a tracking control, try that.

DVD - see compatibility section here. Disc compatibility problems are now rare.

Most of our discs are recorded at a maximum of 4x speed. However, recording speed can sometimes be a problem. Try the web site of your DVD player manufacturer for information. Some of these are quite good (Philips has a good interactive fault finder, for example). This may not be foolproof, as many player manufacturers simply state that neither the disc nor the player is at fault (true, see below, but not what you want to read). If you have an obscure make of DVD player it may be that you have an old design which may not be compatible with current discs. If you wish to compare the discs used by Markle with the list on a web site, they are usually DVD-R by Verbatim, written with a max bitrate of about 6 Mbit/Sec. Some DVD recorders and computer DVD drives can take firmware upgrades - try the makers website for details. We only use single layer discs, and we will stick with this for the foreseeable future (though we can record double layer discs, we do not think that this will give you a reliable product).

Finally, you could write, e-mail or ring us up. We cannot guarantee to fix all technical problems, but we will be as helpful as possible. If all else fails, we will be sympathetic.

If you do contact us about DVDs, we may ask you about the DVD generation number. There is usually a generation number printed in gold at the bottom of the disc. This will give the burner code (e.g. DRU-530A) and possibly also the burner firmware generation (e.g. 1.9g) and perhaps also a recording speed if this is less than the disc maximum (e.g. 2x). Please let us have these numbers. Other numbers printed on the disc are details of where the image is stored on our system, the duplicator firmware version, and the file size - these are to help us burn the right video onto the right disc. Anyway, we will ask you the necessary details.

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